What are the most suitable materials to finish the stairs of your home?

stair in white marble

Have you recently made an internal staircase and you do not know how to cover it?

Do you want to change the style of a staircase that for years no longer reflects your personality and your home?

This article will give you helpful advice on how to choose the material that best suit your needs and your tastes. Assuming that the staircase is a real piece of furniture, you need to enhance it. Especially if it is placed in very visible point of your home. The materials that will surely help give it value will be wood and marble. Choosing wood helps make your environment more comfortable, but certainly with the choice of marble will give more prestige to all your property. Also your staircase will last over time in terms of strength and will also be easier to clean. There is no need to resort to special detergents, which often can be too aggressive, marble is a natural material, so a damp cloth is enough. You should also consider that the choice of edge profile greatly affects the aesthetical result of your staircase, defining the style. For example if you have chosen a classic style for your home, a rounded edge profile is recommended which is technically is called "full bullnose" or "half bullnose", with the creation of the same profile for the skirting ( in technical terms irregular) that runs along the staircase. Different will be the costs of your treads if you opt for a more contemporary and minimalist style. A more squared with pencil edge profile would be an apt choice. Recommended is also the combination of different materials for the treads and risers, for example, by making a marble tread 3cm thick and a wood riser, such as classic warm shade oak. Finally, for an optimal aesthetical result, we should not underestimate the selection of suitable personnel for the laying of the elements, otherwise a correct choice of materials and profiles could be jeopardized by an inaccurate installation system.

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