** Want to personalize your new kitchen with a high quality countertop but do not know what is the best choice? Do you need to replace your old countertop?

Want to personalize your new kitchen with a high quality countertop but do not know what is the best choice? Do you need to replace your old countertop? .Read Our advice

The kitchen area is certainly the place in the house where we spend more time and thus more prone to use over time.

The elements that make up the kitchen need to have high performance, such as durability, stain and heat resistance.

So in addition to a solid base it is important that the products, used to trim doors and sides are of comparable quality as the rest of the appliances.

Who would not want in their kitchen comfortable appliances, large hobs to cook more dishes simultaneously, undermount sinks or flush with double basin and the most important element, however, not only from the aesthetic point of view, but also and above all functional is the work top. From this important

element is needed resistance, practicality and easy maintenance, more than all the other components.

What is the most recommended material for the countertop in our kitchen?

In this post we'll talk about the features of the countertops in marble, granite and quartz.

Countertops in marble and granite are preferred mainly for their aesthetic characteristics, as being present in nature with varying shades they can satisfy different tastes and needs.

They are also very easy to polish or hone and can have different edge finishings, from straight edge to the curved edge (bullnose and half bullnose), to compound profiles and more contoured profiles.

However, being porous, they are not waterproof, so it is advisable to apply non toxic waterproofing products and avoid spilling aggressive liquids, like wine, coffee and lemon directly on the surface, because it may be damaged.

In this case you would need to resort to a stonemason who has to rehone the surface restoring it from the damage.

For daily cleaning appropriate products are used or you can simply pass a wet cloth with neutral soap, followed by a thorough rinsing.

But they are extremely resistant to heat, so it is possible to place a boiling pot on them.

What is the difference between marble and granite?

The first difference lies in the physical and chemical composition.

Marbles are mainly composed of calcium carbonate also known as carbonates, whilst granites are mainly composed of silicon oxide also known as silicates.

Given their different composition, granites have higher hardness level (Mohs scale of 6-7), do not react with strong acids (es. Hydrochloric acid), are more difficult to polish and have a compact granular structure.

Marble has a limestone nature, does not have a high hardness level (about 3-4 on Mohs scale), easily reacts even with weak acids (eg. Vinegar, lemon juice, etc.) and is easy to polish and process.

Tops in Quartz

The market is becoming more common to quartz agglomerates, composite slabs mainly of pure quartz with percentages of about 93%, 1% of natural pigments (iron oxide powder) that provide color to the product and a percentage of 5-7 % of synthetic are natural resin that has a binding function of the

components. The success of this product is the fact that it is very hard, if we consider that quartz is the second element in nature in terms of hardness after the crystal.

For this reason the countertops in quartz reveal themselves as the most suitable product for worktops in a kitchen.

Highly resistant to stains and dirt in general and highly scratch resistant. However, we recommend using appropriatel cutting boards to cut foods.

What are the helpful tips for cleaning quartz worktopas

Quartz countertops generally require only regular cleaning, applying a neutral pH product /detergent, rinsing with water and drying with a kitchen towel or paper towels. So it is easy to maintain.

Marmi Italiani srl is an Italian 'company specializes in producing top for kitchens and bathrooms in marble, granite and quartz. Our technical and commercial support for customers in choosing the right material for the various needs by developing projects and solutions tailored to individual requirements, with

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