Marble Skirting, between function and design

Skirting is a protection element for walls and can be made with different materials: marble, wood, ceramics, PVC and metal.

The use of different materials varies depending on the choice of style you want to achieve.

Certainly the use of natural stone, such as marble or granite allows customization in terms of thickness, height and profile.

Environments conducive to a classic style will surely prioritize skirting with a more sought after profile and sustained height, from 10 cm upwards.

Whilst the choice for your home, of a more contemporary minimalist style will contemplate more linear and clean skirting profile with a less pronounced Height , reaching a maximum of 8 cm.

Generally this element is placed at the base of the inner and outer walls of a dwelling at meeting point with the floor. Thus fulfilling a dual function: protective and decorative.

Its length and shape may vary depending on the characteristics of the material and the design choices.

In favor of the marble and granite, is surely the possibility of realizing tailor-made sizes and shapes, even curves, favoring the customization of the product, a feature that only the "made to measure" can provide.

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