ILEXA® Hardesia Collection

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ILEXA® Hardesia Collection

In today's post w would like to present ILEXA® by Ch-Roma Hardesia Collection.

What ILEXA ® HARDESIA By Ch-roma?

An innovative product, manufactured in large sheets containing fine quartz and high quality resins , offering the charming and warm effecto of natural split slate.

One of the most innovative composite materials on the market today. A mixture of granulated quartz and special patented polymers, able to ensure high purity, durability and resistance.

ILEXA ® Hardesia it is made up of approximately 90% quartz and 10% of a special patented polymer consisting of a mixture of particular resins which improve the physical mechanical

characteristics of the final product such as flexure, thermal expansion, etc ... .which enables the production of longer and wider slabs.

The HARDESIA Collection has been studied and reproduced faithfully to ensure aesthetically the same peculiarities of natural slate.

ILEXA Hardesia is produced by action of vacuum injection combined with vibration.

Unlike other quartz/resin agglomerates ILEXA® Hardesia does not contain any solvents and therefore does not suffer any cracking or breaking during production or during processing and also it does not give off any unpleasant smell and does not create any relevant chemical deposit when considering waste disposal. This product can be used not only for the bathroom and kitchen, but for any interior.

Available in 2 cm thick, and per orders also in 3 cm thick and it is a product guaranteed 15 years against structural defects.

Is easily cleaned with common household cleaners, as CIF/JIF classic white liquid.

Available in 6 colors, with the possibility upon request to customize shades.

Just taking a cue from the post a few days ago on the latest trends on colors and materials for the current year in the furniture and design sector, thanks to the indications from the Pantone Color Institute who chose 18 -1438 Marsala nuance, the color trend of the year, we turn our attention to the Red

Wine colour from the HARDESIA collection

The other colors although very interesting, take up from the classic colors like white, beige, anthracite, mocha and black, whilst Red Wine is a revelation in terms of shade.

Few companies specialised in surfaces manufacturer for interior design offer in their range this type of color and shade.

And just like the Marsala color from the Pantone company, Hardesia Red wine is also warm and enveloping like the Sicilian fortified wine, characterized by a fighting spirit, character and refinement.

This year Red Wine will be dictating fashion, furniture and design.