Colors and trendy materials! Tips to improve the harmony of our house?

Marsala color

Colors and trendy materials! Tips to improve the harmony of our house.

Colors and trendy materials ! How to improve the harmony of our house?

Are you renovating your home and you have no idea of colors and materials to choose from to make it elegant?

Why not take a cue from the Pantone company who, over time have become the best known and most important in the world as synonymous of colour classifications, choosing for years the color that influences the development of products in sectors such as fashion and design.

The Pantone Color Institute has chosen code 18-1438 Marsala nuance as the color trend for 2015.

Fighting spirit, character and refinement characterize the color Marsala.

Warm and embracing just like the Sicilian fortified wine from which it takes its name, this year the Marsala colour will be dictating fashion, furniture and design.

if we add to this, that in the past few years we have been seeing the great return of marble and granite and stone, materials which in recent decades had nearly been forgotten, the blend color-material is quite simple.

Marble is a very precious stone with irresistible charm, available in a wide range of shades, it is used both slabs and tiles, giving a touch of class to your home. Widely used also for floors and kitchen tables and coffee tables, it has an undisputed class and elegance

and is perfect as a material for the paving of large halls, foyers and master bathrooms, especially in the homes of a certain prestige.

At this point you need to analyze which marbles to choose, which combine best with the color of year Marsala? This year we are dealing with a color whose strong personality therefore not be combined with other strong colors, to avoid your rooms turning into a hodgepodge

of colors. In this post we will get to know three types of marble, whose characteristics make them more natural materials chosen furniture and design.

For those who prefer the veins of fine marble,Calacatta Gold, marble featuring a golden grain, is very much in line with the use of bold and modern tones as the one chosen by Pantone, which has always dictated trends in terms of color in the architecture and

design field. Calacatta Oro marble is composed of white crystalline limestone and yellow gold veins, these features make it a stylish and ideal material for bathrooms, living rooms and staircases, but it is fashionable to use this material in the kitchen. With elegance is

used for the islands and worktops and integrated sinks often placed againtst base and wall units in wood, such as walnut and lacquered open pore oak. We show some examples in the picture.

For those who are oriented to a kinder and more homogenous marble with a white under shade , a chose could be the White Lasa or Covelano, extracted from the Covelano quarries and the valley of the massive Jenn Lasa.

This marble is a material for precious and valuable fabrication with extraordinary properties.

At the turn of the last century, it was mainly used for artistic purposes and sculptures, while today it is used mainly in building. Its revival, however, sees again a revaluation in the arts.

Unlike other types of marble, Lasa marble is frost resistant and weatherproof, and not even road salt will corrode it. Lasa marble is appropriate for the highest aesthetic criterias, yet functional. See photo below

the most important is striped Travertine, with a contemporary twist, used for trendy furniture industrial style, the Striped Travertine is a material that combines the classic color of travertine shades and gray veins.

This material can be used both for indoor and outdoor use. With its different finishes it is ideal for furniture, cabinetry, flooring and wall cladding.