What is Travertine?

Travertine is a rock made of calcium carbonate, it is actually a special variety of marble, one of the oldest and most famous, as it was used since the days of ancient Rome. 

Its color depends mainly on the type of oxide present in the material and can range from milky white to brown, through various shades of yellow and even red.

It is quite a resistant stone and docile, used both for paving and for cladding of vertical surfaces both in outdoor and indoor; it also lends itself to being carved and therefore it can be used for the realization of decorative elements such as balustrades, handrails or fireplaces.

travertino alabastrino
travertino classico light
travertino giallo persiano vc
travertino navona
travertino noce dark
travertino rosso persiano
travertino scabas original
travertino walnut vc