What is Onyx?

Onyx is a variety of chalcedony, which is a quartz that comes in compact masses of microcrystalline in color shades of reddy brown, covering the whole range of gray to black to yellow, green and pink.

This material has great resistance and hardness, in addition to its brightness and its transparency feature.

onice ametista
onice arco iris vc
onice avorio striato
onice bianco extra
onice fantastico vc
onice gold
onice green pakistan
onice green persian
onice ivory
onice jade
onice kilimangiaro
onice miele extra
onice multicolor persiano
onice nuvolato extra cc
onice pink
onice shadow vc
onice smeraldo vc
onice stalattite brown
onice stalattite oro
onice stalattite striata
onice striato d'oro
onice sultano vc
onice travertine
onice velluto